Humidity and
moisture measuring devices

– Humidity and condensation
– Push-in moisture measurement
– Building moisture analysis sets
– Surface moisture measurement

measuring instruments

– Contact and ambient temperature measurement
– Infrared temperature measurement

Thermal imaging cameras

– Compact temperature measurement
– Thermal image analysis

Environment and
special measuring devices

– Measurement of light, air flow and sound
– Measurement of tyre pressure and paint layer thicknesses

Video inspection

– Video endoscopes
– Pipe / drain cameras building inspection

Electrical meters

– Battery and phase testers
– Voltage and continuity testers
– Multimeters and installation testers
– Cable testers and detectors

Electronic scanners

– Stud, metal and power cable locating

Slope indicators

– Digital spirit levels and
angle measurement

Distance meters

– Laser distance measurement
– Distance measuring wheels

Wall and floor lasers

– Line, universal and 90° lasers

Cross- and line lasers

– Compact and clamping lasers
– Alignment and combination lasers

360°-line lasers

– Combination line lasers
– 3D-line lasers

Precise sensor lasers

– 3D-line lasers
– Alignment lasers
– Accessories

Rotary lasers

– Interior finishing work, above and below ground construction
– Accessories

Automatic levelling

– Proven and tested optical
measuring instruments

Accessories for
laser and levelling devices

– Tripods
– Fasteners
– Levelling staffs

Software/ Apps

- App for Android und iOS-Devices
- Software for ThermoCameras
- Software for Umweltmessgeräte