Professional lighting intensity measuring instrument



This powerful professional lighting instrument is suitable for use in offices, workplaces, public buildings and industry. It has a sensitive photodiode with cosine correction for wide-angle light measurement. The relative measurement function allows reference or comparison measurements to be taken and the peak function registers rapid changes in light levels. The hold function allows the current measured value to be retained on the display. The sensor curve can be adjusted with the zeroing function. Measurements can be taken in either lux (lm/m 2) or foot candle (lm/ft 2). The unit also features practical min/max display and a 1/4” tripod connection.
  • Measurement of lighting intensity in workplaces, offices, public buildings and industry
  • Sensitive photodiode with cosine correction for wide-angle light measurement
  • Relative measurement function for reference and comparison measurement
  • Peak function for registering fast changes in light levels
  • Automatic and manual range changeover
  • Zeroing function to adjust the sensor curve
  • Hold function for locking the current measured value on the display
  • Measurement variables: Lux (lm/m2), foot candle (lm/ft2)
  • Min/Max display
  • 1/4" tripod connection
  • Attribute082.130A LuxTest-Master
    Titlelighting intensity measuring instrument
    Sensor typeSilicon photodiode
    Measurement range lighting intensity0 … 200000 lux (automatic)
    20,00 lux (manual)
    200,0 lux (manual)
    2000 lux (manual)
    20000 lux (manual)
    200000 lux (manual)
    Power supply1 x 9V 6LR61 (9V block)
    Temperature (working conditions)-10°C … 50°C

    Scope of delivery:
  • LuxTest-Master
  • battery
  • carrying case
  • Documentation:
    Produktinfosheet not available.

     Manual Part 2

    Environment and special measuring devices

    lighting intensity measuring instrument

    Industrial Quality (BlackLine) / Professional Technology (OrangeLine):

    Art.No.: 082.130A, EAN-No.: 4021563680535






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