Cable tracer set with transmitter and receiver for LAN, SAT, TV, telephone and audio cables



This cable tracer set with transmitter and receiver analyses LAN, SAT, TV, telephone and audio cable in off-circuit electrical systems. Cable routing can be traced to a measurement depth of 5 cm with the non-contact receiver. A loud test signal sounds when the selected cable is identified. The device has an integrated continuity tester and a wide range of accessories for checking the most commonly used plug connections (RJ 11, RJ 45, BNC, TV coaxial, F adapter). Universal test terminals are available for connecting to any conductor. The user can clearly identify the different acoustic signals using the additional headphones. The test area can be clearly lit using the integral torch.
  • Reliable cable and conductor testing for off-circuit electrical systems
  • LAN network cable configuration check (allocation of individual conductors)
  • Accurate analysis of LAN, TV, telephone and other cables in electrical systems
  • Non-contact tracing of the transmission signal by the receiver
  • Integrated continuity tester
  • Clear test signals for identifying the selected cables
  • Easily test the most commonly used plug connections (RJ 11, RJ 45; coaxial TV) using transmitters with integral adapters
  • Universal test terminals for connecting to any conductor
  • Integrated headphone connection (3.5 mm jack)
  • Additional headphones to clearly identify the different test signals
  • Integrated torch for illuminating the test area
  • Attribute083.062A MultiCable-Checker
    optische und akustische Verfolgung des Sendesignals
    Durchgangsprüfung mit Signalton
    Kabel-/LAN-/SAT-/BNC-/TV-/RJ 45-/RJ 11-Prüfung
    Output signal8 Vss (peak-to-peak)
    max. 10 mA (Transmitter)
    max. 30 mA (Receiver)
    Line / voltage locationScan mode: 0 … 5 cm
    max. testing length: 3 km
    Temperature (working conditions)0°C … 40°C

    Scope of delivery:
  • transmitter MultiCable-Checker TX
  • receiver RECV
  • adapter (TV-coax, RJ 45, RJ 11, BNC, F-adapter)
  • test terminals
  • headphones
  • batteries
  • carrying case
  • Documentation:
    Produktinfosheet not available.

     Manual Part 2

    Electrical meters

    cable tracer set

    Industrial Quality (BlackLine) / Professional Technology (OrangeLine):

    Art.No.: 083.062A, EAN-No.: 4021563694709






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