ThermoControl Duo

Digital thermometer for monitoring the cooking stage of meat dishes with a ThermoControl app via Digital Connection



This digital thermometer allows the cooking stage and core temperature of various types of meat, poultry and fish to be determined. The two probes allow measurements to be taken at two points at the same time. The device is heat-resistant up to 350 °C and can be easily attached to an oven or grill with the strong magnets.
  • For perfect cooking results for meat and fish dishes
  • Precise evaluation of cooking stage/core temperature
  • App for adjusting pre-set core temperature, specific temperature, any preferred time
  • Optical and acoustic signals from the app prevent grilled food charring
  • 5 cooking stages of rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done
  • Dishes are divided into beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish
  • Digital Connection interface for easy data transfer to app
  • Easy-to-read display: current temperature, setting, stage
  • Strong magnetic clamps for attaching to metal surfaces
  • Energy-saving Auto Off function when not in use
  • Attribute082.429A ThermoControl Duo
    TitleDigital thermometer
    Contact temperature measuring range-50°C ... 300°C
    Contact temperature accuracy± 1°C (0°C ... 100°C)
    ± 2°C (-20°C ... 0°C / 100°C ... 150°C)
    ± 3°C (-50°C ... -20°C / 150°C ... 200°C)
    ± 5°C (200°C ... 300°C)
    Ports2 x temperature sensor
    PortDigital Connection
    Protection classBase unit:
    IP 54
    IP 56
    Power supply2 x 3V CR2032
    Operating timeapprox. 150 hours
    Temperature (working conditions)0°C … 50°C

    Scope of delivery:
  • ThermoControl Duo
  • 2 x plug-in sensors
  • 2 x measurement cable plugs
  • 2 x measurement cable reels
  • battery
  • Documentation:

     Manual Part 2

     Manual Part 3

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    Digital thermometer

    Industrial Quality (BlackLine) / Professional Technology (OrangeLine):

    Art.No.: 082.429A, EAN-No.: 4021563705351






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